Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chris Wylde Never Leaves Your TV

When we were on set of The Dungeon Master, our prop department made fake beer labels that said, "Guysler." While we were shooting late into the night, the actors kept themselves entertained by coming up with mock commercials for Guysler. I wish we had filmed some of them...especially since one of our actors has gone on to achieve ubiquitous commercial status.

If you've watched TV at all in the past month, then you've probably had this song stuck in your head at some point:

That's our good friend and Dungeon Master star Chris Wylde being insanely brilliant. When you can improv like he can, it's one thing, when you can improv and sing like that? Crazy good.

You have to see this "behind the scenes" footage of him entirely in character as Buddy Mignon:

"Buddy Mignon's minions"? Are you kidding me?

Chris is so clever it hurts.
Looking forward to putting him in many of our movies to come.

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