Sunday, April 18, 2010


So filming is all done, we are in the process now of dealing with the huge files from the RED camera and working on editing our little film but I thought it's be a good time to talk about our last night of filming.

We shot in my studio / living space downtown - it's a good amount of space, plenty for me and whenever I have a photo shoot I can push everything to one side and take me pictures no problem. And we don't need no permits in here.

Once we got 25 people in here with grip and lights and camera - it felt like Honey I Blew Up The Kids...or Honey I Shrunk The Loft...and the crew, we were the kids - it felt small alright.

We shot everything one way and then had to clear everyone out of the other side of the loft, it was a dance of people, actors and equipment, and I hope we don't see a couple C-Stands in the background of some shots.

We hauled in at 5pm on, I think it was a Saturday, yeah - we had to load everything from the front door - as the security guard at the front desk told us. We had A LOT of stuff and soon after we started shooting that security guard, Anthony - real scary looking guy :

Ohh, I have a picture:

That's Anthony. He so tough.

So he comes o the door about 9pm and tells us that I can't have people over to shoot after 11pm..."Do you think you'll be done by 11?" "Uhhh, I think we're gonna be a little bit later than 11..." We were planning on shooting till 5am...

But he ended up being cool and said just as long as no one complains - I don't think I have any neighbors next to me - and we didn't shoot in the hallways (we'd already shot those, hah!) that we should be okay.

There's a happy friendly Anthony. He's really a teddy bear.

(I ended up using him for a photo shoot last week - thanks Rob!)

Still, I was on edge, felt like we could get called out and shut down any time after 11pm...

One highlight was when we were getting ready for a shot a little bit before lunch and Alex Polinsky, one of our actors, said: "I smell something burning.." We had put the pizzas from the rocking "Pitfire Pizza Co" in the oven to keep them warm - but I guess the cardboard was still on there and there was good amount of smoke coming out of the oven.

The thing you should know about my building - if the fire alarm goes off, every door in the building's hallways shut - this high pitch alarm sounds and the fire department comes no matter what. I had this happen once when a friend of mine pulled the alarm by accident, he's French - I guess they do that over there...

Fire loves me for some reason...

So coupled with the fact that we were already past the 11pm cut off, and I was still scared of Anthony at this point - not the best buds we are now - I figured if the fire department showed up - we'd get shut down real quick.

It was hectic for a couple minutes, but I guess they were just smoking and no real fire - little window venting and everything was fine.

But really that was the only hiccup - we were able to get everything and we had a great time.

Rider and I were talking about it a few days ago and there was a moment where he knew we were gonna get it - there is a scene with all the guys, Chris, Chad, Travis, Alex and Adam - they are in a wide shot and you could tell we were with some pros cause the timing was spot on.

The killer for a lot of short films would be not having access to great actors, I feel like watching some shorts at festivals can be painful cause everything else is working, just not the talent.

Rider stoked on Alex Polinsky's performance.

Adam Busch just wants you to eat a chicken wing.

Chris Wylde, Chad Crone and Travis Shuldt listen to a goblin.

I'm so glad we had such kick ass actors. They brought it and we were able to fly though scenes. Thanks you guys.

You have to point a lot if you direct. Yoram Astrakhan - our awesome Director of Photography and real trooper.

Happy Strong Brothers.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the project - I can't stress enough how thankful we both are to have such a talented group of friends willing to spend 13 hours cooped up in a loft, or on a mountainside, or playing running charades for the last shot at 3am. 

- Shiloh


  1. It's a wrap? Congratulations!

  2. Shiloh, I completely agree--many short films go further due to great acting. I think what you have written through the blog, and the accolades of those in your film will only help it to thrive! Congratulations on the wrap, and I look forward to the final product!

  3. Alex is such a ham- I love it. Well done, boys!

  4. SURE, fire loves YOU and not the other way around. You lil' pyro you. Always did have that little semi-wicked glint in your eye ;o)